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This is the reason you don't want to choose dead-end dates with people who possess little chance of being a good romantic match for you over time. Your best solution and remains taking the time to do planning on your own behalf - and not just for the holiday seasons, but for coming year! Resolve to make this holiday season a fun one. Here are 3 suggestions for you, the members of our PerfectMatch.com family:

Work on keeping your spirits high and happy.
Happiness is attractive. Research shows people are literally drawn to others who are enjoying themselves and show it. If you really are having a great time, your smile will be brighter, your laugh warmer, and your aura more enticing. If your face is drawn or worried, if you are defensive or unwelcoming in any way, people will avoid you. When you do the opposite, you will find yourself meeting new people everywhere you go.

Singles find each other quicker than when you are with a group.
There is NO TIME better than the holiday season for meeting new people, networking and all around friendliness. People who might not otherwise talk to each other at cocktail parties are full of cheer, and more likely to be open and welcoming. If you want to meet people, accept a party invitation and go alone. You are more likely to meet people you don't know, and when you meet other singles a simple "hello" will instantly start the conversation which can evolve into discussions about holiday activities, work, vacations, and your new year's resolutions and aspirations for 2008!

Plan a party of your own.
The quickest way to avoid being alone on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve is plan a party of your own. Plan a poker party with close friends, a girl's night out, a bowling contest with a group of close friends or a small dinner party! It's easy to pretend that the holidays have little significance, but more often than not, when those days come around, you often wish you had something to do. So, to borrow a famous saying, "Just Do It!"

The most important part of enjoying any holiday season is to surround yourself with family and friends and share meaningful experiences with them. The holiday season is always filled with great activities and you don't always need a date to enjoy them! 2008, with all the new possibilities that lie before you, is your time to take advantage of all the resources that your PerfectMatch.com membership provides. We want to help you in your quest for love, and we want to find just the right person for you!

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