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Are you ready for a serious relationship?

Every person who starts to put together a relationship biography finds themselves in the same circumstance: She has to say what, as well as whom, she’s looking for. Most men want to know if a woman just wants to date around, be happy being a casual relationship or is she looking for a serious relationship? Good people can have a bad time if they are each looking for something different out of a relationship. It’s best to be thoughtful, and truthful about what you really want. Not just because it’s right, but out of self interest. You don’t need the headaches caused by being mismatched. So, here’s a quiz to help you decided if you really are ready for a serious, lasting relationship.


When I hear the word soul mate, it speaks to me. I know if I thought it was possible to find someone like that, it's the kind of relationship I would want now.


I have a long history of committed relationships. If I don’t, I have seen, or am seeing, a therapist to try and change whatever has gotten in the way of my being committed to someone.


Even if I meet someone who really turns me on, I won’t continue seeing him if I think there is no possibility for a long-term relationship.


I find myself looking for a different kind of person that I used to when I was just dating for the fun of it.


I wait longer to have sex with people I date these days. I don’t want to get that involved if it’s not going to be a relationship with a future, or I don’t want to go too fast and take a chance at ruining something that might be important if I handle it right.


When I meet someone now, I think quite a bit about whether or not we would have compatible values about the role of children in our lives.


I find I’m bored or frustrated by a date if nothing emotionally intimate is going on between us. My standards on how intimate a relationship has to be have gone way up.


When I read a man’s bio, I look for a lot of similarity in values, goals and interests. I am less interested than I was in “bad boys” or someone handsome, but very different from me in what I want for my long-term future.


To be honest, I’m lonely at a deeper level that I show. Just going out on dates, even fun dates, doesn’t solve that loneliness. In fact, it makes it worse.


When I hear about someone meeting the man they were meant to be with, I’m envious.


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