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Is it love or lust?

We've all been consumed with desire at the beginning of a promising relationship. But, what happens when those initially hard-to-ignore hormones finally subside and you're left with a delicate and sometimes tough quandary: Is it really love? Answer these 10 questions and find out.


You've taken your partner home to meet the parents. And, surprise, surprise, your family thinks this one's a catch. This makes you:


You and your honey go on a magical trip to Paris. Beneath the Arc de Triomphe, you have a huge argument, which leaves you both steaming mad. You:


Between e-mails, coffee breaks and actual work, you find yourself daydreaming about your partner. The majority of your thoughts are about:


You just bought yourself a great digital camera. As soon as you snap away, you realize your SWEETHEART would REALLY APPRECIATE this technology. You:


You're at a dinner party with a roomful of people, some friends, some strangers. Your partner tells a joke that falls flat. You:


When you and your significant other are alone, you feel:


Your partner has packed on 15+ pounds. You:


Your partner was offered a once-in-a-lifetime dream job in a city you consider to be second rate. He/she asks if you'd relocate and live together in the new place. You:


It's your birthday and your partner gives you a card with a long, loving letter as a present, and several well chosen poems. You:


Your good friend tells you that your lover was seen holding another person's hand...and it looked romantic. You are:


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