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Do you fall in love too fast?

Love is truly great! However, if you fall in love every month, or within hours of meeting a titillating stranger, it suggests you might be in love with "being in love", rather than any particularly suitable person. It may be costing you time and energy by not knowing when it's the real thing and when you are just drowning in a sea of hormones. Are you coming on so fast you're scaring suitable partners and potential long-lasting relationships away? Take this quiz and see if you need to slow down, or if you're on the right track.


After three fabulous dates, your current heart throb whispers "I love you" in your ear during a hot and heavy moment. Although you are pretty entranced yourself, you find this proclamation highly suspect.


When you're in the middle of that sexy, romantic first stage of a new relationship, you start giving expensive or personally crafted gifts right away.


After a handful of romantic rendezvous with a promising person, you find yourself fantasizing about what your future children might look like, or whether your parents will approve of him/her as your lifetime partner.


If you're interested enough to be with someone for a few months, you are usually pretty sure you've fallen in love. You assume emotional and physical loyalty, even though you and your new love have never actually talked about anything further into the future than the next couple of weeks.


You don't want to make a big deal out of having a new "love" until you are sure. So, you avoid mentioning your new main squeeze to gossip-starved friends and family until you have a sure sense of where things are going.


When you are head-over-heels, you're less likely to suggest, or insist upon, birth control or condoms.


You've never dated anyone that you've actually believed could be "The One".


You find yourself rationalizing situations that could be interpreted as warning signals. For example, the person you are seeing is often busy on Saturday nights or hedges when you ask for a home phone number. You don't have a way to get in touch except for a pager or cell phone. Yet, you don't demand anything more. You don't want to doubt this person, even if you haven't been together very long.


You love being in love. In fact, you've been in love more than five times in your life. This is not counting a few nights when you were sure you were in love, but the star of that amazing evening never called again or was unreachable when you called.


In the past, you've fallen for lovers who, in retrospect, had completely different goals and values than you did.


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