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Are you too picky in dating?

"e;Speed Dating"e; - The theory is a few minutes of time spent together and you know all you need to know. But maybe that’s not true. Maybe some relationships need to go on a bit longer and unveil a few more qualities about each person. Take this quiz and let’s see how quickly you jump to conclusions or if you are too picky in dating. Perhaps, you're being a bit too hasty.


When you first start to search for that special someone on the internet you:


If someone has an unappealing voice on the phone you:


You don’t make a date on the internet, or phone, to meet someone for coffee if:


If someone dresses in bad taste, I write them off.


You have preferences about how someone looks and are not interested if:


If someone talks too much about themselves on the first date:


If someone is bad in bed the first time you have sex together, you:


You have many things you want in a person and don't want to waste time. If a person has kids, lives more than an hour away, or there is some other important thing not in your preferences, you:


If someone doesn’t call back right away, takes a few days to return email, or can’t see you very quickly after the first time, you:


If it isn’t an immediate click and attraction, there is no way it’s going to be love.


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