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Are you second date worthy?

No high school or college ever offered Relationships 101. So now, when we've grown up and it comes to real-life online relationship encounters, many of us end up feeling clueless. Well, consider this test an educational way to find out how much natural talent (or how little) you have in the dating world. It's a quick review of basic dating etiquette. Answer these 14 questions, read our advice and graduate to that relationship you want and deserve!


You're just not one of those laughing, smiley types. Occasionally, people have even accused you of being too serious.


You don't really put too much thought into what you wear on a first date. You prefer to come as you are. You've got a certain style and if your could-be-love-interest doesn't like it, tough.


Your favorite first date activity is seeing a great movie.


When it comes to social engagements, including first dates, you find planning ahead to be bor-ring! You prefer not to be pinned down and don't like having to figure out what to do until the very last minute.


When you think someone is hot, you have no problems letting your feelings be known.


You love to talk about yourself on a first date, particularly about silly things you've said and done in your childhood and high school.


You know you shouldn't, but occasionally, you'll reflect on past relationships during a first date.


You love to be a seductive on a first date, down to the double entendres, meaningful glances and initiating footsie under the table. You love to tease!


You're not into traditional gender roles. Generally, you think it's appropriate to split the check on a first date.


Meet a first date at a bar or restaurant? No way. You prefer to be picked up, or to pick up your date, at home.


Friends would generally describe your laugh as, well, loud. You know you tend to be a bit larger than life, but you think that's part of your charm.


To calm your nerves and help the conversation flow on a first date, you generally knock back more than a couple of glasses of wine.


You pride yourself on being an open book. The word secret is not in your vocabulary, even on date number one.


You make up your mind about people on the spot.


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