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Balancing Life While Looking For Love
It's simply time for ME! You've made the decision that no matter what, it's high time you devoted some time to looking for love. Problem is, you don't know how to do it. The idea sounds great, but by the time you are through with work, household issues, seeing friends, doing basic personal maintenance and handling everyday crises, you fall into bedůsingle another week, month, year or even years. If this describes you, even a little, it's time to get serious and change your life. Here are 10 pointers to help you do it. If you even do half of them, you will make enough time to date, fall in love, and eventually, commit to a life partner. If you do all of them, you speed up the time it takes to do all that to warp speed!

Tip 1: Plan your whole week out ahead of time. Slot evenings, mornings, coffee breaks, etc., to get as much time on and find your matches. Then reserve certain slots of time over the weekend or after work (whatever suits your lifestyle) to meet people for coffee. Guard these times as if they were client meetings, your workout, or your kid's school play. They cannot be sabotaged. If you feel you have only a little time, then schedule it. But don't let these slots disappear. If you don't meet anyone for coffee (or whatever) that week, use the time to look on for other interesting partners. Don't let your work swamp your personal life!

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Searching for Love in a Down Market
It's hard to read the financial pages these days isn't it? Even harder to look at any investment account. There're only two real responses to both, and only one of them is good. One is to dissolve into despair and sink into destructive acts like drinking or sleeping all day. The other is to refocus on the core and most rewarding things in life: Family, health and love.

The silver lining in this very dark economic cloud is it helps us refocus. It reminds us as important as money is, love really is the most compelling need in our lives. Having someone lighten your heart, cuddle you in their arms and stand by you no matter what, is as good as it gets. We all know how important love is, but I think when other parts of our life fall apart, keeping us nervous and tentative about what the future will bring, the value of love becomes even more clear, more central and more powerful.

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Ask the Relationship Expert

Looking for Love while staying serious about your work.
I was married for 12 years. Now at 35-years-old, going out again is something new for me. I've found men seem to be jealous of the time I spend working and would instead want someone that was self-sufficient. Am I misreading them?

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Single Dating Executives Have Found Success
Jennifer & Justin
Married September 30, 2006
Jennifer and Justin found each other on PerfectMatchWe met during my first three days on PerfectMatch. There were instant sparks. We have been inseparable ever since. He is the man of my dreams and he says I am the woman of his dreams. I have never been with anyone so perfect for me. I know I have met the man I will spend the rest of my life with. Thank you PerfectMatch for helping me find the person I believe was created just for me.

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