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Don't You Need a Playmate?

Finding a Single Woman Partner
No, I'm not referring to the Playboy kind with a bunny tail. And, I don't mean a playmate like your best friend in third grade. I mean someone to DO things with, starting this summer! Someone with whom you can go to concerts, swim, travel and/or just talk over the day's event over a terrific glass of wine. This playmate is someone who can help start your collective memories and be a real joy in your life.

I think with all the earnest and serious talk about finding a soul mate, we sometimes forget one of the most important things we can do for ourselves - play, widely defined, of course. Play is the valuable time-off we have to explore life and its greatness. It's the adventure which quickens our heartbeat, the movie which makes us think what life is about or the exploration of a new store with quirky or fabulous things. While we may love our work - in some cases tolerate it - it's rarely lighthearted. Everything counts, and while you can have fun at work, it's rarely carefree.

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Ask the Relationship Expert

Question from a Single Woman
It's been like a dream come true in the past three months! I'm 29-years-old and a single woman. I met this doctor three months ago. When we first talked on the phone, he said he was 45-years-old. After I met him, he looked like late 30's, so I had no doubt he was 45. We had a very wonderful time together. He seems to be very serious to me and a perfect match! Just in case, I yellow booked him to find out if all this is true. Most of it was, except I found out his real age is 53! What should I do?

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Begin a Relationship on a More Positive Footing

In addition to utilizing's forward-thinking Duet® Total Compatibility System, here's a checklist to consider. Five really important points you might not have thought about. They can help you begin a relationship on a more positive footing, and keep it there…hopefully, forever!

Show Your Femininity or Masculinity by Showing Your Interest
I'm not talking about wearing a physically revealing shirt. Rather, I'm saying women and men each own something that ignites chemistry in a deeper and non-trivial manner. For a man, it's self-assurance, self-confidence and maybe slightly flirtatious (but always respectful) appreciation of the woman in front of him. It's paying court to her womanliness, without coming on in a sleazy, sexual manner. It's more about noticing she has a unique hair style, beautifully colored eyes, or is wearing a stunning color that compliments her. Verbally, in a nice way, you might say, "You're a charming, interesting woman. I like the way you act and carry yourself." Likewise, as a woman, while you need to show your warmth and emotional accessibility, you should also show your poise and independence. A man wants a woman who "wants" a man, but who's not "desperate" for one. Dress nice and comfortable, but not like you're auditioning for the show, "Anything Goes". If you have a good body, it will show itself without you looking like you're for sale. If, on the other hand, your body isn't centerfold material, welcome to the club! Dress for the occasion and not like you're attempting to hide your body. Come across as someone interested and warm. Bottom line to both women and men: Don't forget chemistry is ignited more easily when we show interest and appreciation of each other. If you are drawn to the person you are with, be honest and show it. It's a powerful message both of you will enjoy receiving.

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Single Men and Women have found Success
Jason & Linda
Jason and Linda found each other on PerfectMatchWe met in early summer 2008 on She is sweet, feminine and has the rarest of all traits... she is very nice. We have been dating through the Summer now into the Fall. I have been around the block a few times and Linda shines above the rest. In my opinion were a really good couple, a Perfect Match! Thanks PerfectMatch

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