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Congratulations for taking the leap back into dating! Yes, we know while dating in your 20s may have been difficult, it's a vastly different landscape now. And, we mean that in a GREAT way. Think about it: What you bring to the table now as a mature adult is pretty significant. The fact of the matter is now, you've got wisdom, experience, and street smarts to help you identify exactly what you're looking for in a relationship. With those thoughts in mind, here're our tips for creating a profile which will help ensure your online dating success:

Make a List. Your expectations of what you desire in a relationship and a future mate should be accurately reflected in your on-line profile. Write down what type of person you are looking for, your expectation (i.e., companionship or marriage), your values and personal interests.

Be Honest. Create and write an online profile which honestly represents you. Remember, it's not about attracting quantity; it's about finding someone of quality.

Create an Amazing Headline. It's the first item someone reads about you. Two things to remember about creating a headline: Be brief; and be imaginative. If you're having trouble thinking about what to say, look at other headlines you thought were creative. It'll help stimulate your thoughts for your headline.

Out with the Negative. At some point in life, we've all been hurt or handed some disappointments in life. It's hard, but don't dwell on the past. A positive and forward-focused profile is much more approachable and will encourage other members to respond. Remember, anyone can be in a bad mood; you have to have something on the ball to be in a good mood!

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What's Age Got To Do With It?

I always wonder about the age ranges everyone puts in their profiles. Most men choose women a few years to 15-20 years younger than themselves. Most women choose men within a few years range above and below their ages. Very few men pick women older than themselves, and very few women pick men as much as 15 years younger.

I know what some of these age ranges are based on. Men think younger women will be more beautiful, more fit and, as one 50-year-old man recently said to me, "...more able to take care of me when I am 80…". Women are looking for someone who is older because he may have better earning potential, thinking capacity, and more likely to be ready to "settle down" and have serious intentions. Some women "poach" a bit downwards when they think men their own age will be too conservative about gender roles. They think they are more likely to get more feminist views from a guy who is a bit younger. Most women don't go too much younger in their choices because they are worried they will not look good enough for a man who could date someone 15 years younger than they are. They also worry they won't have much in common.

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