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Success Stories


Larry & Cindy  
Married May 2011
"Thanks to, we found each other from afar!"
Larry Cohn, a lawyer in Kona, Hawaii, had spent several weeks on various dating sites looking for a woman in Hawaii to date. From these dating sites, he had not even had a phone call with a woman, let alone a date. He then signed up with because he had read it was popular with people over 50. He was 61. After a few days of more frustration with online dating, he decided to give up. But a voice inside him suggested he open up his search parameters to the whole country. He had not wanted to date anyone thousands of miles away, but reluctantly did so as a last chance effort.

So, he opened up to the entire USA. He then did a search, and when he viewed the 4th picture, he stopped and exclaimed to himself, "There she is!" That was the angelic, beautiful woman he had been looking for. He read Cindy Phillips' profile, liked what she had written, and found we had some things in common. But there were two potential problems that almost caused him to pass her up. First, she was from Atlanta, GA which is 5,000 miles from Hawaii, and second, she was a nurse who Director of Surgery at a large hospital there. So, he did not think she would be interested. Thankfully, he was wrong.

He then wrote a two-sentence icebreaker to her--he was a lawyer in Hawaii with a house on a coffee farm who wanted to correspond. When he awoke the next morning and checked his e-mail, he was thrilled. Cindy had not only responded, but was very positive. Meanwhile, she had joined only one day prior, at the urging of her adult daughter, since she had not been dating. She was looking for an older, more stable and secure man. Cindy knew right away her life was about to change.

That first e-mail exchange was the beginning of a daily, almost hourly, e-mail campaign for both of us. With a 6-hour time differential, both of us would wake up at 3:00 a.m. and check to see if the other had written back. Anything received was fantastic.

We then began telephoning, and finally, 3 weeks after sending the first e-mail, Larry flew to meet Cindy in Atlanta. Those were five of the happiest days of our lives. She then flew to Hawaii and stayed with him for 11 wonderful days. After that, Cindy returned to Atlanta, quit her great job, and moved to Kona, Hawaii. Our wedding took place on May 14, 2011 on the coffee farm in Kona.

Thanks to, we found each other from afar! ~ Larry & Cindy


Sarah & Micheal  
Engaged and will be married Feb. 14, 2014
"We have fallen in love for the second time in our lives. At ages sixty-four and sixty-eight,!"
Good news!!! I am happy to announce new updates to our Sarah & Micheal story. Sarah turned 66 years old on St. Valentine's Day. That same date we announced our engagement and she received a 3 stone diamond ring set in platinum and 18 karat gold as an outward sign of our special commitment and personal pledge to be married. The wedding is planned for Sarah's next birthday, which falls on 02/14/2014. At that time, Sarah will be 67 and I will be 70 years old. We both are very grateful to have found each other on We are fortunate to have chosen PerfectMatch and to have successfully used the organization's services to find, quoting Sarah, "The right soul mate and companion".
~ Sarah & Micheal


Jeffrey & Dawn  
Married May 2011
"We tell each other everyday how lucky we feel to have found one another"
After years of dating nightmares and relationships, I was exhausted and emotionally drained. I was ready to remain alone and really had just about given up. I planned a solo trip to Paris, but then to my pleasant surprise, along came Jeff's email. There was something about his personality that seemed genuine, happy, easy. Initially, I was adamant about not getting involved with someone who was not local, as I was not in a position to relocate nor interested in commuting, but after hitting it off via email and the phone, we decided to meet up while he was in Philadelphia at a convention the following month. Our afternoon meet-up started with a drink, continued into dinner after the convention, and the rest is history. The following year consisted of weekly train rides, and accompanying me on that solo trip to Paris. Jeff then relocated to Philadelphia. In 2010, he proposed in NYC by re-enacting my favorite movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and we married this past spring among close friends and family. Whenever anyone asks me how I knew he was right for me, or what life is like now, I have just one word to describe our relationship, "easy!" Life with Jeff is easy and nice. Aside from being the most loving, sweet and kindest man I have ever been lucky enough to be involved with, he's just a joy to have in my life. We tell each other everyday how lucky we feel to have found one another. It's never too late to find the right person, and I'd commute again for him in a heartbeat. ~ Jeffrey & Dawn


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