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Frequently asked questions

Why is the best approach to finding the right person for you.

PerfectMatch's Duet® Total Compatibility System is based on research by leading relationship experts, taking into account the "whole you" and determining your unique computability type to find your perfect match. Duet® matches you on your personality, lifestyle, values and preferences-the key elements that create the most successful, lasting relationships.

What is the Duet® Total Compatibility System and how can it help me?
The Duet® Total Compatibility System is one-of-a-kind and unmatched by any compatibility system on or off the web. Duet® is an innovative personality assessment tool, based upon 35 years of academic research on singles and relationships, that provides insights and analysis into the key traits that lead to lasting compatibility. It was launched in 2003 as the key matchmaking engine for our website and provides personal, useful and unique results for each and every PerfectMatch member.

Unlike other matchmaking systems or personality tests that match people based solely upon similar character traits (e.g., you both like cats, etc.), Duet® pioneered analyzing and matching individuals who share both similar and complementary traits. Within the online dating category and the dozens of companies offering various matching solutions, Duet® continues to be the most revolutionary and successful matchmaking tool on or off the Internet.

Search on Your Own Terms: In addition to receiving highly compatible matches that align with your Duet® results, we offer comprehensive search tools so you can search on your own.

Top PerfectMatch Searches

  • The Compatibility Search allows you to search for matches that complement or are similar to your personality.

  • The Keyword Search enables you to search members' profiles which contain a certain phrase, description, or screen name.

  • The Quick Search allows members to search by gender, age, and location.
  • The Custom Search has multiple criteria with which you can create a search. Including age, location (to within 25 miles), height, hobbies, political views, etc. Plus MANY more!

    PerfectMatch is one of the fastest growing relationship services, a testament to greater customer satisfaction, flexible processes, and broader feature sets that, when taken together, provide millions of people with the best approach to finding the person who's right for them. Join today and find out who you're compatible with.

    Membership and Subscriptions

    Are there membership requirements for
    Yes. All members must be 18 or older. Members must be single, widowed, or divorced. Legally separated adults are not eligible for membership until the divorce is finalized.

    How much does it cost to join
    Being a part of the PerfectMatch site is FREE! You'll find many useful features, advice columns and tests all designed to assist you in finding your perfect match. Once you are ready to take the next step and begin communicating with other members, simply click on the "Upgrade Now" icon and choose the Subscription that is right for you. To ensure you enjoy uninterrupted premium service, subscriptions are auto renewed.

    Why does it cost more than some other sites? is not for casual dating. We are focused on creating an online relationship service, designed specifically for single, like-minded adults seeking *long-term* relationships, with a complex and sophisticated matching system based on your personality, life and lovestyle, values and ideals, and your preferences.

    Our structure, purpose, and goal are drastically different from that of a traditional online dating website. We focus on the quality of matches rather than quantity and have assembled a team of relationship experts to ensure you have the best experience possible as you find your perfect match.

    Do you have trial period memberships?
    While it is Free to become a member of, take the Duet® Compatibility Profile (a $50.00 value) and utilize your Basic account, does not offer trial period subscriptions. The system is a systematic process that can not be adequately evaluated by a trial length membership. Click here to get your Free Compatibility Profile today!

    Before I join, I want to know how many members are in my area.
    Due to the constant influx of subscribers in all areas of the world, we are unable to offer specific demographics regarding member percentages within a certain geographical location, as this number is continually rising.

    What is a Platinum Membership?
    The New PerfectMatch Platinum membership is the best PerfectMatch experience. Platinum provides all the features available with a Premium Membership, plus 100% of our members with a completed, approved Duet profile will have the ability to reach out to and read and respond to your emails for FREE, regardless of what type of membership they have! With a Platinum Membership, love has no barriers; you'll never miss a chance to connect! ADDITIONALLY, with your Platinum Membership you'll enjoy preferred search results - your profile comes up higher in search results!

    What types of payment do you accept?
    We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We also accept checks from US residence and money orders written on US funds.

    Can I purchase a gift certificate?
    Please Click here for information on gift certificates.

    The PerfectMatch Process

    What do you consider a Perfect Match?
    PerfectMatch uses a complex software program to work behind the scenes. It takes the results of Duet®, elements of your personal profile, DealBreakers and provides you with highly compatible matches. This process results in what we consider a Perfect Match. However, we cannot account for aesthetics or physical characteristics so we let you decide who you wish to pursue. We also offer four search tools for you to utilize in your search for your Perfect Match.

    How long will it take to begin receiving matches?
    There really is no defined timeline for when you'll receive your first - or subsequent Perfect match. While the Duet® Profiler is *constantly* searching and filtering through well over 4 million active profiles - this can indeed be a time-consuming process. However, your Premium membership includes access to our 4 distinct and powerful Search tools - creating an additional dimension to your PerfectMatch experience by allowing you to actively search for members matching *your criteria - while waiting for a Duet®-calculated Perfect Match to occur. Finding the right person for you and getting to know them can take time. Generally speaking a period of three (3) to twelve (12) months is the best way to increase your chances of locating your perfect match since some relationships take time and others happen faster than you plan! It's also the best value. However, we've created several membership plans to accommodate everyone's needs.

    How many Perfect Matches will I receive?
    It's not something that can be predicted. We use a very specific and precise format to identify those who are similar to you and those who complement you. You can increase your match potential at any time by making adjustments to your "DealBreakers" answers or Profile information.

    How does your Match Guarantee work?
    You'll find someone with whom you're truly compatible! Keep in mind, overnight successes usually don't exist in a search for true love. We'll work with you to find a long-term relationship and we'll actively work with you to find the person right for you. Utilize our tools and tips, have patience and you'll find long-term success. Click here for additional information.

    Can I choose to be matched with same sex matches?
    Absolutely. strives to accommodate anyone that wishes to find a committed, long-lasting relationship; no matter the sexual preference. When creating your profile you will be asked who you are seeking a relationship with (male or female). Simply choose whichever you prefer and you're on your way!

    Where can I see other couples' Success Stories?
    Click here.

    As a Premium member, how can I communicate with others?
    You may communicate with other members via e-mail and IceBreakers.

    Are the emails I send to other members anonymous?
    Yes. You must use your secure login identification and password in order to send or receive email through Members will only have access to the information you provide on your profile. Personal information is NOT included.

    What are IceBreakers?
    IceBreakers are a series of questions designed to "break the ice". You are asked to choose questions from a list of pre-made, basic questions, designed to help potential matches get to know one another better. The first series of IceBreakers are general questions that help to determine your level of interest in each other. After the first set of IceBreakers has been completed you can send a second set of IceBreaker questions - these are more personal, focusing on things you consider important for a relationship.

    As a Basic member, how can I communicate with others?
    Basic members can respond to the Level 1 IceBreakers they receive from other members. Expanded communication tools are available for Premium members.

    Technical and Security Information

    Do you share my information with anyone?
    We don't share any account information with third parties. All information you provide for your account/profile stays with Additionally, PerfectMatch has been approved by TRUSTe, the leader in online privacy issues.

    Is secure?
    PerfectMatch supports the very latest Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Your credit card data is encrypted during transmission, making it essentially impossible to intercept.

    Browser Compatibility is optimized for Internet Explorer 6, but will work with most browsers. Upgrade for free below.

    Internet Explorer

    Please note: Our service is not WebTV or cell phone/sidekick compatible. However, Internet access is available from many alternative sources, such as a neighbor or friend's computer. Additionally, most Public Libraries now offer FREE internet access.

    Contact Information

    How do I contact you?
    Click here to contact Member Services.

    If you would like to receive your Compatibility Profile, without posting a profile on, you may do so for a fee of $40.00. Please mail your check or money order to:
    220 Humboldt Court
    Sunnyvale, CA 94089

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