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Winter Date Ideas

By Dr. Pepper Schwartz

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It may seem winter's just too cold for dating. Not true; we can use winter to our advantage. Here are 10 tips for great dates that will warm up your winter life.

1. Tromping Around in the Snow.
If your date skis or snowboards, this might be an easy pick. But it's a little more fraught with negative possibilities than you might want to take on. For example: What if someone falls and gets hurt? What if one of you is Black Diamond rated, while the other is a beginner on the Bunny Slope? This may cause hurt feelings, not to mention your time apart. So, in order to avoid potential complications - while enjoying your snow fun - I'd suggest snowshoeing! Lot less chance for injury - not to mention less ability required - and usually something no one has tried. Just do it for a short time, and then it's time for hot chocolate and snuggling!

2. Dog Sledding.
Ok, you may or may not be able to find this event. But the colder climates just might have someone in the vicinity who'll take you out for a 15 minute ride. They'll bundle you up and wedge your bodies together on the sled. It's exciting, invigorating, and intimate and you don't need to be athletic to do it. It'll take your breath away in the cold weather, but you'll enjoy warming up together afterwards.

3. Stay Inside and Get Really Warm.
It's perfect weather for going to a day spa and using their hot tubs, steam rooms or sauna. You can get a day pass to an athletic club, or there're some companies set up just for the tubs. If you want, precede the steam with a game you both enjoy - tennis, racquetball, etc. Play for fun, not competition, and then finish off in the tubs or hot rooms.

4. Take in a Winter Festival.
There're not as may fairs or festivals in the winter. However, the ones that exist can be magical. A lot of zoos have a festival of lights, where you can walk through in a romantic wonderland. Lights are often up way before and long after Christmas or New Year's. You can either drive or walk, depending on how close the houses are. It makes a great date. Just don't stay outside too long. Your date can go from lively to frozen pretty quickly. So, remember to be thoughtful about their comfort.

5. Pretend its Summer.
Suggest a swimming date; inside of course! Wear Hawaiian shirts and go to a tropical bar. Or, go to a place featuring salsa dancing and dress the part for the evening. Laugh at winter and have a good time doing it.

6. Go Some Place with a Fireplace.
If you have one, put it to good use. If you don't, find one. Many locations have them. You just have to figure out a way the two of you can be next to it. Lots of hotels will have one in the lobby. Sitting in front of it with a hot drink warms up everything. There's something about being in front of a fire that promotes coziness, intimacy and a general sense of well being. All of these you naturally want to incorporate in your relationship, as well.

7. Find a Cabin or a Lodge.
If you've been dating awhile and you want to promote both adventure and intimacy, locate a rustic place. Even big cities are usually not too far from a place that yells, "Country," "Woods," and "Just the two of us". If you find a good country cabin, or rustic lodge, you'll find one of the most romantic locations possible; even better if it has a fireplace (see above). But the important thing is to be in a getaway place that makes you feel like playing house and taking care of each other. Being next to Mother Nature's physical beauty (besides each other's) always adds an extra portion of romance.

8. Cook a Hearty Meal.
Since the winter beckons people inside a lot more than the other seasons, make inside feel safe and loving. And what better way to make your date feel taken care of then preparing a classic winter meal. A stew of some sort is excellent comfort food. Begin it with a glass of red wine or hot spiced cider. End it with a warm apple pie or something equally as traditional. Cooking for someone in a homey way - as the weather rages outside, or the dark colder nights continue - makes your date think of you as a caring, safe haven. What's not to like about that?

9. Romantic Theme Movies at Home.
Sometimes the older and the cornier, the better. It's snowing and cold outside, but you're having your own warm film festival inside. It could be oldies but goodies; i.e., White Christmas, High Society, Casablanca or Guys and Dolls. Make them romantic and fun. You could also go more modern; i.e., Chocolat, When Harry met Sally or Serendipity. You get the idea. Chick flicks or older, romantic comedies work; ever see the old Spencer Tracey-Katherine Hepburn comedies? The idea is to cuddle, laugh and watch people in love. It rubs off.

10. Get Out of Town.
Ok, it's cold, snowy, rainy or dark. Enough! Invite your date to escape. If you're near the border, Mexico's just a few hours away. Those up north might also consider Florida or Puerto Rico. Los Angeles or San Diego might have good weather for a trip. Be bold and suggest a getaway. If it's too early in your relationship to consider sharing a room, make it clear you don't assume intimacy and you'd be happy to spend the time together, just enjoying each other.

These are just a few ideas for you to explore. If you live in a part of the country where the weather remains good outside for several periods of the winter, you can do most anything; please review some of my other columns. You'll only be limited by your imagination.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to PerfectMatch.com, utilize their unique and powerful Search tools, and find your perfect match. Get out there and enjoy this amazing season!

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