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Fall Date Ideas

By Dr. Pepper Schwartz

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There're references to summer, with an occasional sunny and welcoming day. And, more than a hint of the advent of winter. But, fall is really a fleeting season. This makes dates a little more challenging to plan. However, fear not; there're all kinds of ways to charm the man or woman of your dreams prior to winter. Here're a few, if I do say so myself, really good ideas:

1. The Last Picnic.
Picnics are such a wonderful part of summer, it's hard to let them go. So be playful and plan one anyhow - even if it ends up being indoors. Plan A is a beautiful spot after a short drive - a long drive puts too much pressure on a budding relationship - with all the picnic equipment you need: Tablecloth, blanket to sit on, water, soda or perhaps a bottle of wine, a selection of salads or sandwiches, a few snacks, and some fruit and/or chocolate. If it rains or gets blustery, you can move into Plan B and still accomplish the intended fun at your place, or your date's place, on the living room floor. You can make it very cozy and lots of fun!

2. Fall Colors.
This happens almost everywhere; hopefully close to you. If not, find someplace nearby and take a trip to enjoy nature's wonderful landscape of colors - even if it's a nearby arboretum. If you're outside, bring some layered clothing just in case the weather turns nasty. This will show you're thinking of the other person. If you live in the desert, and the colors have retreated, then rent a movie about fall somewhere else. Walking on ground, breathing fresh cool air and crunching leaves will be most invigorating.

3. Fall Wine Tasting.
Some wineries do their last press and produce their sweet desert wines in the fall. It's kind of a kick to do desert wine tasting and something your date might not have thought of, but finds intriguing. A lot of wine shops will have set these up, or perhaps would be willing to set up a custom wine tasting for the two of you. This could be really romantic!

4. Dog Walking.
A crisp and picturesque fall day is a great time to take your dog out - or your date's dog - for a walk. Dogs usually warm up the atmosphere. They're so friendly, so all heart and downright playful. It produces a happy glow the two of you can profit from. Oh, you don't have a dog? If your date's a dog lover, don't let this stop you. Take a friend's dog and get out there.

5. Fall Food.
Many restaurants have seasonal menus. Find one and suggest it as a place to visit. There's something exciting about fresh seasonal food and it's such a treat. Coincidentally, it also shows you have some imagination about sensual experiences!

6. Getting Cozy.
Fall is excellent for hiking in the woods or walking in the parks. It lends itself to both of you getting just cold enough to want to sit by a fire afterwards - with hot spiced cider, hot chocolate or some other kind of comfort drink. Winter's sometimes too cold, but fall is just right. It's romantic to end up in front of a fire. You should do some legwork and scope out those local hotels or restaurants, ahead of time, who offer fireplaces. Then you can snuggle together after your outing.

7. Fall Sports.
Fall is a good time for all sorts of sports. You could either get in a pick up game together (some local soccer teams or ball teams are coed) or you can go to a game together and tailgate. Actually, this is another place a picnic works - out of the back of your car. College and high school games are particularly fun. There'll be so many high spirits and smiling faces all around you. This exposure will reflect well on both of you to be in such a happy, outgoing crowd!

8. Marshmallow Season.
Sure, when you were little, you savored making and eating Smores at camp. How about now in your backyard, on the beach or at a campsite? Roasting marshmallows and then putting them on a graham cracker, with a small slab of dark chocolate, is one of life's great pleasures. Wouldn't this be an outstanding experience to share with your date? Show up with a plan, have all the ingredients and it will be fun and playful - even if you're doing it by your fireplace or over your stove!

9. New Shows.
Between cable and the new television season, you've a virtual smorgasbord of entertainment to choose from. How about a cozy night at home? Making popcorn is quick, economical and tasty. There're other inexpensive treats you can have as well: Fresh vegetables with dip, miniature pizzas, crackers and dip, etc. You might come across a series you didn't know about and be greatly entertained. Also, this will give you both an opportunity to see what the other likes or doesn't. This will give you something to discuss when you're both on equal footing.

10. Getting Ready for Winter.
If you're skiers, snow boarders or snowshoers, it's time to start getting ready for these sports. A fun date might be a workout, whether it's coming down a mountain at high speeds or long hikes. Suggesting a specific workout might be appreciated and usually sounds good for physical-type people. In preparation for getting out on the slopes, you could both get your skis waxed together or go to a local sports store to get equipment. If both of you aren't on the same page on this one, how about suggesting going to a bookstore or library to pick out a few great books for those long winter nights? You could make it playful by suggesting each of you pick out a book for the other person. You can meet in a café ahead of time and quiz each other on what types of books you like. Part of the fun will be taking your chances from there.

These are just a few ideas for you to explore. Doesn't it make you want to be outside and experience fall before it's gone? And all of it's better with a great date. So, what are you waiting for? Get on PerfectMatch.com, utilize their unique and powerful Search tools, and find your perfect match and get out there to enjoy this amazing season!

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