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We all are aware we're going through a rough period in our country. The economy stands on the abyss, ($700 billion - incredible!), home values continue to drop, mortgages are harder to get then ever, much less support and gas prices have become a line item in everyone's budget.

It's hard to face these challenges. But, the worst possible way is to face them alone. Even the biggest problems are less intimidating and frightening when we have someone to lean on; someone who's going to share the worry, the responsibilities and remind us if we have love, things aren't completely bad!

I think one of the toughest emotional feelings is being in the midst of the bad news by yourself. We're all generally better as a team. If someone holds us at night, it's not as hard to face the next morning. The good thing about times like we're currently experiencing - and yes, there's almost always something positive to be gained by tough times - is it does make us think about the basic things we need. We stop thinking about discretionary stuff and we focus on our priorities. We remember what makes life worthwhile vs. what's only decoration to our lives. It's a time where looking for love - and finding it - is even more crucial.

When you think of it, looking for love isn't too time consuming or expensive. For the approximate price of a coffee and pastry a week, you can take a few hours at your leisure and search PerfectMatch.com® utilizing the Duet® Total Compatibility System (Duet®). You'll receive new insights about yourself and potential partners, which will make your search more likely to be successful. Combining Duet® and PerfectMatch.com®'s leading-edge search tools, you won't just find someone, you'll find someone who has the specific personality characteristics which make for long-term compatibility.

The bottom line is you want someone for the long run, someone who shares your values, life goals and lifestyle. A person who makes you feel no matter what happens to us in our daily lives, you have someone to count on and you both consider yourselves lucky having each other.

This might sound a bit old fashioned and/or corny, but you know I'm right. The happiest moments anyone has with someone else are the simplest ones: Laughing, discussing your day, talking about friends, sharing a memory, seeing a movie, watching your children play or perhaps going for a walk together. We also know really dark and depressing times, such as a surgery visit to the hospital, are more bearable if someone we love is standing shoulder to shoulder with us. When we know we're not alone, we're better prepared to face the most daunting of circumstances.

Yes, the daily headlines and television reports continue to be mostly negative. So, my advice? Now more then ever, get yourself out there and make some memories. The search for someone to love and be loved by isn't optional. It isn't something you should put on the back burner in demanding times. Your perfect match is out there. It's exactly these times which make finding a partner most compelling. However tempting it may be just to hunker down, worry about tomorrow, work harder and forget about romance, it's the wrong way to go.

Virtually all of us need a partner in life. We should be more motivated now to find each other. I truly believe all of the time you expend in your quest for love, is time well spent. Once you find your real love, these bleak times will brighten and you'll both feel better for it...together!

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