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Ph.D Endorsements

"Dr. Pepper Schwartz is the nation's premier relationship expert. A leading scholar in the field, she has been able to put research to work through and the Duet® Total Compatibility System."

- Graham Spanier
   President, Penn State University
   Sociologist and originator of the Spanier Dyadic Adjustment Scale

"A world renowned expert on relationships, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, has put her knowledge to excellent use in this profiler that is based on a body of social science literature on close relationships. It's exciting to see literature get translated into a useable tool for people in search of romance and commitment."

- Barry Glassner, Ph.D
   Professor, University of Southern California
   Author, The Culture of Fear

"Very insightful, brilliantly original and extremely useful. A thoroughly penetrating approach to matchmaking. The bar has been raised significantly for those looking for a relationship online!"

- Dr. Judith Sills, Ph.D
   Clinical Psychologist
   Author, How to Stop Looking for Someone Perfect and Find Someone to Love,
   A Fine Romance: The Passage of Courtship from Meeting to Marriage and
   Biting the Apple: Women Getting Wise About Love

“The best way to truly learn about yourself and of equal importance, how you’re likely to interact with others. It’s fun to take, very introspective and illuminating!”

- Sandra Leiblum, Ph.D
   Director, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

“This is an excellent way to provide individuals with a profile of their romantic love. And better yet, it delivers a compatibility check for romantic profiles of potential partners. This assessment is unique and I know of no other compatibility assessment on the interest that is so differentiated, clear and plausible!”

- Ulrich Clement, Ph.D
   Professor of Medical Psychology
   University of Heidelberg Germany, Medical School
   Former President of the IASR

"In a field full of scientific-looking, match cover gimmicks, it's great to see a truly serious effort to help people find a long-lasting mate. is clearly a scientifically-based program by one of the best experts in this discipline."

- Ross Koppel, Ph.D
   Sociology Department, University of Pennsylvania, Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics
   School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
   President, Sociological Practice Association

"The profiler, designed by Dr. Pepper Schwartz, does an exceptional job of combining both psychological and sociological components of relationships to provide a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to meeting a mate. Unlike so many profiles that are rather shallow (i.e., only look for superficial matches, overly concerned about materialism, too moralistic), the PerfectMatch survey asks more intimate questions that speak to actual issues a couple would encounter. I feel this will elicit more honest responses because it asks these questions non-judgmentally. While other mating services allow for a lot of hyperbole and dishonesty, this one will more likely yield a compatible mate. Using current sociological theories about relationships and applying them to everyday life, Dr. Schwartz moves from the theoretical to the practical. I highly recommend this service."

- Peter Adler, Ph.D
   Professor of Sociology, University of Denver

"Dr. Schwartz has created a sophisticated, personality assessment profile that will not only help people learn about themselves, but assist them in identifying what traits might be best in a mate. This leading-edge test has the uncanny ability to help each person articulate who they really are and what they need from a relationship."

- Barbara Risman, Ph.D
   Professor, North Carolina State University, Raleigh-Durham
   Past President, Sociologists for Women in Society
   Past Chair, Contemporary Council on the Family
   Author, Gender Vertigo

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