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Duet® Total Compatibility System

We developed Duet®, our exclusive Total Compatibility System. Duet® is the result of over 30 years of scientific research. This unique system is grounded in a serious exploration of the characteristics that lead to successful relationships.

Duet® is proven to be more effective than any relationship tool on the Web. By identifying your traits, we determine your romantic compatibility type and suggest ideal matches for you. And unlike the eHarmony® experience, you're free to accept those matches or do your own search based on any criteria you choose.

Structured, Compromising, Temperate, Extrovert
Allan prefers structure in his life and likes to plan in advance. But he’s willing to compromise. He is communicative, open and has a cooler temperament.
Flexible, Dominant, Hot, Extrovert
Jane is intense, yet willing to be flexible. She is neither rule-bound nor compulsive even though she has strong opinions. She welcomes intimacy. Structured types are attracted to her flexibility.

Yes! In short, Allan, an SCTE, prefers structure but he's able to deal with conflict without ruffling feathers. Since he and Jane, an FDHE, both welcome intimacy and are communicative, they're likely to be very compatible.

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