Ickenham Date Ideas from Ickenham Singles

Post Date: Aug 7, 2011

omele from Edmonton says: COVENT GARDEN

Post Date: Jun 18, 2011

Sara from Clapham says: London- The XO tower and the countryside around Bath, UK Paris- A long lovely lunch at Costes Hotel courtyard with bucket of champagne! US-West Coast-Palm Springs, anywhere outside day or night, I love the mountains jetting up from the desert floor. US East Coast-Miami, the pool at Fountainebleau, groovin' music...ahhh!

Post Date: Jun 12, 2011

Monica from London says: London - somewhere near work around the city will be handy.

Post Date: May 20, 2011

Agnieszka from London says: St James Park, Regents Park

Post Date: May 15, 2011

Michelle from London says: A good restaurant or top theatre in West London.

Post Date: May 8, 2011

Matthew from New Barnet says: The Dog and Duck pub in Soho. A beautiful old pub and there is nothing nicer than standing outside on a sunny day watching the world go by, before going to one of the many great restaurants nearby.

Post Date: Apr 26, 2011

Olayinka from Highbury says: a wonderful cosy yet elegant bar.. no names ;-)

Post Date: Apr 3, 2011

ROBERTA from London says: In Vienna, the Blue Bar at the Hotel Sacher, in London one of several Dim Sum places (like Ping Pong, for example).

Post Date: Mar 30, 2011

Maria from Greenwich says: hmm... a restaurant, cinema, a bar? or maybe something unique & different I'd like my date to choose so i'd go somewhere new as i dont really know London that well...

Post Date: Mar 1, 2011

alan from London says: Beach

Post Date: Feb 13, 2011

Vic from Enfield says: The "Loving Hut" restaurant in Holloway. Being vegetarian, I find it great to find a place that has so much choice and the different style menu is a great conversation starter. I've brought veg and non-veg people here and everyone really enjoys the food and service.

Post Date: Jan 24, 2011

dave from London says: Zen

Post Date: Jan 23, 2011

przemyslawa from London says: Marble Arch

A Serious Relationship…Are You Ready?

Unfortunately, knowing for certain when you are ready for a serious relationship, isn't one of the simpler things in life. There'll come a time when we "think" we're ready. But then, after we've leaped in, we feel like we're drowning, and we start struggling and kicking to get out of the water. This causes sadness, and often anger, to the person we are with. It's usually not something we're proud of doing to another person, or ourselves. So, here're a few dating and relationship tips to consider before you jump off the cliff…and then realize you have no idea how deep the water is.

The very talented and extremely funny comedian, Jeff Foxworthy, used to say, "You know you're a redneck if…". Well, you know you're ready for a serious relationship if:

  • You start to be bored when going out with others who are not contenders for a long-lasting future, even if they are handsome or beautiful, smart, entertaining and/or recent lottery winners.  Read More

Dr. Pepper Schwartz - Dating & Relationship Expert

Top 10 Dating Tips

1. Date Night Plan

Waiting until the last minute may make things spontaneous - or disastrous. Plan your date in advance, set expectations and ensure your date is in agreement. Know how to get there, where to park, when things are open, etc. Look like you know how to make things happen seamlessly.

2. Appropriateness Date Location

Make sure what you've picked out and/or suggested has some relevance to what this person might actually enjoy. Doing something you both enjoy will go a long way towards relationship building.

3. Sensitivity

If your date happens on a weeknight, don't select a movie ending at 11.00 p.m. The more solutions you've prepared for in advance, the less anxious your date will be. This clearly shows your thoughtfulness.

4. Respect

Sure, she or he really looks great and you're more impressed as the evening goes along. However, don't push physical attraction too soon. You could be making a serious mistake if you attempt to manhandle her or him.

5. Listen to Your Date

Listening is very important at any stage of dating or a relationship. Show her or him you know them better at the end of the date, than you did at the beginning.

6. Stay Light

Do something positive you both can share in, without it being embarrassing. Select something appealing to your date; i.e., go to a water park if she or he likes water, or an outdoor rock concert if they like the performers. Perhaps, see a romantic comedy or take a hike. Whatever you're doing, don't sit and talk about your exes, troubled kids, etc. These are conversation topics which will come later if the relationship progresses.

7. Connect

Make a real effort to find commonalities. Listen and learn a little about each other's childhood and past. See if your values and life's outlook are similar. This is an excellent exploration period.

8. Anticipate

As always, you should look your best. A light kiss at the end of the night that promises more…someday...is sexier than a lip scrunching passionate kiss that surprises your date and possibly puts him or her off.

9. Laugh

Laughter is bonding, infectious and attractive. If you're going to the movies, ensure the film's funny; if going to a comedy club, know the comedians are funny; or go roller skating and laugh at yourselves. Laughter is a great release for any nervousness.

10. Show Appreciation

Acknowledge someone's kindness, thoughtfulness or generosity. Don't assume anything and don't come off as being spoiled. Verbally let them know their hard work, planning or good humor didn't go unnoticed. And, make yourself an irresistible choice for future dates.