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10 Smart First Date Ideas

There's no question first dates can be nerve-wracking. What to wear? What to say? Where to go? All this uncertainty is compounded when it's not just a first date, but perhaps your first date in a long time.

Spice it Up.

Cooking can be fun and sexy. There're cooking classes for all levels available throughout the country. Checkout the food section of your local paper to see what area restaurants and community colleges are offering up courses.

Cut a Rug Ballroom, Salsa, Swing, and Samba.

The first date choices are endless when it comes to dancing. Even if you haven't stepped on a dance floor in years, there're plenty of teachers who can help you get back in the swing of things. Besides being fun, dancing cheek-to-cheek may also help you further determine the chemistry factor.

Have a Picnic.

One of the most romantic and soothing outings is a picnic by the lake or on the beach. This is invitingly enhanced when both people like the outdoors. If you're shopping for food and drink together, this will add to the adventure. If not, be sure you decide on what each of you will bring to eat.

The Beauty of Art.

Share a love of art by going on a gallery walk or museum tour. You can also sign up for an art history lecture at your local university.

Set Sail on the High Seas.

You can also keep your first date simple by renting a canoe or row boat and heading to a nearby lake or canal. If one of you is skilled, you can even rent a powerboat or sailing vessel. And, don't forget the excitement of a splurge on a moonlight cruise.

The Literary Word.

What better way to bond than over your favorite books? Attending a book reading at your local bookstore or university is a great way to find common ground and keep the conversation flowing.

Get Moving.

Perhaps your new friend enjoys hitting the courts or shares your passion for golf. All types of active outings make great first dates and help you stay in shape at the same time. Engaging in a physical activity can raise the level of intimacy, as you'll be more exposed both physically and emotionally. You'll discover how the other person deals with winning and losing.

Make Music.

Whether you're moved by opera, country, rock, or classical, attending an indoor or outdoor concert is sure to set the tone for a great first date!

Cultivate Romance.

If gardening is a shared passion, a trip to a plant nursery or arboretum could be a fun first date idea.

Wine and Dine.

What's the difference between Shiraz and Syrah? A fun and easy way to find out is attending a wine tasting or by visiting a winery. This is ideal for a first encounter because it's both casual and informative, and yet, you're still able to talk to each other.

Tom Julian, fashion trend analyst, guru and author of Nordstrom Guide to Men's Style

What to wear on that first date?

Now that you've finally decided to go on that first date, the next decisions should be easy: Where to meet? What to say? What to wear? Yes, what to wear. According to a recent poll on PerfectMatch.com, 60% of guys believe Jeans, shirt and sport jacket expressed the best first date impressions, while that 46% of women preferred their first date suitors in Jeans, shirt and sport jacket and 43% in just a t-shirt and jeans.

To help you look and feel your best, we've enlisted the advice of Tom Julian, fashion trend analyst, guru and author of Nordstrom Guide to Men's Style.

Fashioning a First Date Look for Your Body Type

Most women think men are totally unselfconscious about their physiques, but most men would (secretly) disagree. Know how to dress your body in order to play up its strengths and play down its weaknesses.

First things first, identify your body type but do not let it limit your fashion choices. Being self-aware about your physique can help you hone in on the right clothing choices for you.

Find out what to wear for your body type on your first date.

Dress to Impress - Be Well-Suited for Your First Date

The right suit can turn an interview into a job, a lunch meeting into a deal, maybe even a date into a long-term relationship...

...But the wrong suit can ruin everything. It's been said that the suit is a symbol of modern manhood; whether a man is 18 or 81, he needs a great suit in his closet. A suit imparts a sense of authority, credibility and class to the wearer. Tom Julian truly believes that it's impossible to go wrong wearing the right suit.

Find the right suit

Finding the Perfect White Shirt

As the saying goes, if you really care about someone, you are willing to give them the shirt off your back. The shirt is a critical part of the tailored ensemble that sits closest to the body, so it has to be comfortable and impeccably fitted. Even though it may seem irrelevant, a great shirt is what makes a great suit look, well, great. The shirt is the heart and soul of the suit - the jelly in the doughnut, the olive in the martini.

Find the perfect white shirt for your perfect first date

Buckle Up to Trousers

Pants are a wardrobe staple - and we are not talking about your standard pair of jeans - but a great pair (or two) of trousers. Trousers feature belt loops, a fly, a waistband, pleats, or cuffs and are an essential part of creating a look that's comfortable for you.

Find the right pair of pants

Selecting the Correct Shoes

Put your best foot forward on your first date by stepping into footwear that matches your personal style - from everyday casual to fine dining dating. Ever wonder what shoes to wear with certain fabrics? We have some answers for you.

Find the right pair of pants

Edmonton Date Ideas from Edmonton Singles

Post Date: Jul 2, 2011

Gavin from Edmonton says: Remedy Cafe

Post Date: Jun 5, 2011

Debra from Edmonton says: Let's see...wine tasting venues...art galleries....??? Probably a nice quaint restaurant where you can talk and be heard. I do not have a preference.

Post Date: May 15, 2011

Lindsay from Edmonton says: Probably any good coffee shop. Second Cup or Starbucks.

Post Date: May 15, 2011

Ray from Edmonton says: A great resturant, and a patio when possible.

Post Date: Apr 18, 2011

Anne from Edmonton says: Any of the many fantastic restaurants here :)

Post Date: Apr 11, 2011

Penny from Edmonton says: I live in a small town , but in the nearest city I would have to say going to the Keg for Steak and lobster.

Post Date: Apr 9, 2011

Betty from Edmonton says: I like Boston Pizza Restaurants, because they have booths, and it is a bit more private than your local Timmies.

Post Date: Apr 1, 2011

Irene from Edmonton says: The river valley at different times of the year. If i don't want to drive, i enjoy going to the Hotel McDonald and sit out on the patio (weather permitting and enjoy a perfect evening looking out onto the river and catching a few rays of sun on our long gorgeous summer nights.

Post Date: Mar 31, 2011

Scott from Edmonton says: I would say Timmy's. Or I guess anything other than a movie. I don't like sitting beside a stranger unable to speak for 2 hours.

Post Date: Mar 24, 2011

Niva from Edmonton says: I believe there is something really special about an early morning walks at Hawreluk Park to enjoy the outdoors,feed the geese, and the peacefulness. It presents an pportunity for privacy, to walk hand in hand, talking or sharing a spontaneous kiss.

Post Date: Mar 17, 2011

pam from Edmonton says: I would have to say, a dance hall.

Post Date: Feb 6, 2011

Dael from Edmonton says: The movie theatre! There is nothing like ripping apart a bad movie with someone.

Post Date: Jan 10, 2011

Cliff from Edmonton says: Any park. It is nice to just sit and talk.

Post Date: Jan 9, 2011

Marion from Edmonton says: I love going for a walk down by the river. It is calm, the air smells beautiful and fresh. It is a wonderful place to walk, hold hands, share your thoughts and get close to nature,

Post Date: Jan 6, 2011

lorna from Edmonton says: Tim Hortons